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Collection: Dragonfly Collection

The dragonfly is a popular motif in Native American jewelry, representing transformation, change and rebirth. The dragonfly undergoes a dramatic change in its life cycle. It starts out as a water-bound nymph, and then emerges from the water as an amazing winged creature. This transformation is a metaphor for the journeys that people go through in their own lives.

The dragonfly is able to move quickly and easily between different environments. It can fly through the air, float on the water, and move about on land. This ability to adapt to different environments is similar to the changes that people make in order to survive and thrive in the world.

The dragonfly is also a symbol of rebirth because it is often associated with water. Water is a symbol of pure life itself and the dragonfly's emergence from the water is a representation of life reimagined. The dragonfly is therefore a powerful symbol of hope and renewal.

In Native American jewelry, the dragonfly is often depicted in a variety of ways. It may be carved out of stone, cast in silver, or inlaid with turquoise to name just a few. It may be handcrafted as a pendant, bracelet, ring or earring. The dragonfly is a popular and prized motif in Native American jewelry because it is such a beautiful, unique and meaningful symbol.